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The Bold Greens of Emerald

The color that grounds us to Nature and perhaps one that is most pleasing to the eye; the bold and deep green saturation of Emeralds is the classic eye candy of a just lightly dewy, freshly misted canopy, somewhere in a magical rainforest......

The Bold Greens of Emerald

Part of the BERYL family of gemstones, along with Morganite, Aquamarine & Heliodor, Emeralds grow a mineral rich environment.

  Trace elements of Chromium (primary) and Vanadium produce the green color and with the addition of Iron, shades of Bluish-green can be seen.

Zambian and Brazilian Emeralds

So you can see some of the differentiation when it comes to an Emeralds country of origin, based on the elements that are +- present, producing their slight color variations. Sources from Africa, such as Zambia and Zimbabwe show a higher content of Iron seen in their Bluish-Green bodycolor. Columbia & Brazil show higher concentrations of Chromium & Vanadium.

So although all Emeralds are essentially a Green Beryl, not all green beryl is an Emerald.

 The key difference is the depth in the saturation of the color green.

On the left, Emeralds I photographed on an excerpt from 'Emerald' in the Passion of Colored Gemstones by the Gemological Institute of America.


These one-of-a-kind Brazilian Emerald pieces have been measured & outlined and ready for the drawing board! The setting will be in yellow gold to accentuate the bold green. I'll be following the black inclusions on the natural edge of the slabs to create a cascading effect in pavé, with a sprinkle of Diamonds and another beautiful, rare, green gemstone for a graduated color effect and a bit of contrast, but keeping in the flow of natures hues.

I can't wait to show you the rest of the process and see these beauties set!


Emeralds in Jewelry Design Sasha Bravo Fine Art Jewelry
Dreaming in Green with Brazilian Emeralds

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