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Pear Shape Natural Diamond, Blue & Orange Sapphires, Tsavorite Garnet, Diamonds 

Anniversary Wedding Rings

14KY & 14KW 



Our approach to designing a Custom Jewelry piece begins with intuitive inspiration  and a stylized approach, by blending the unique symbolism of Gems, Precious metals

and beautiful memories to create a wearable piece of Art. 

                   We are located in the beautiful, Coastal city of Oceanside, California.

     I hope you enjoy the video, an introductory of the process of Custom Jewelry Design.


       Please feel free to contact us (Get in Touch) or book a virtual design consultation via the link below. 


  Let's Design Together 

Custom Wedding bands San Diego.png


If you've been considering creating a one-of-a-kind piece, whether it is through our Virtual Design Consultation or if you happen to be here in person in San Diego. 

I know the process can sometimes be a little overwhelming, there are so many different styles, so many different choices, but where I personally like to begin in the Design process is to be able to connect one-on-one, in a creative space together.

I want to be able to understand what this piece is going to represent for you. What does it symbolize? What is the sentimentality behind it? Once we get into that exchange we can begin to weave a storyline together and we can begin to infuse the piece with emotion so we can conceptualize its design. Once we are able to visualize the piece, we can slowly materialize into a wearable piece of Fine Jewelry Art. 


Now that we have a storyline, now we can begin to play with color, and begin to see what gemstones you are going to want to have in your piece, diamonds, what your metal of preference will be , we can talk about settings and we can start creating a 2D sketch.

Can I use Diamonds or Gemstones from other pieces to Re-Design into a new piece? 

Yes, in most cases, re-creating a new piece from heirloom pieces, Diamonds or Gemstones is a great way to give your piece a new look along with the memory of the existing stones. We can certainly go over these options during the Design Consultation. 


For the third phase of Custom Design, I will take the 2D sketch and I start creating a 3D technical drawing of your piece.

I use a software called GeMatrix, and this is really where the piece begins to take form. Once the design has been finished, a realistic photo rendering of the piece is made. The following step is a 3D printing of a wax model.

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