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A Graceful pairing of Fuchsia Flowers and Rubellite Tourmaline

As Spring equinox comes into 'bloom', and we celebrate #marchisme month as part of International Women's day, one of my favorite activities is visiting the local San Diego nurseries for inspirational flowers. With the temperate climate here in Southern California, we are fortunate to see many flower varietals show their happily swaying petals dance in color. Originally from South & Central America, the Fuchsia flower is an ornamental bloom, with short or elongated teardrop shape sepals, providing alluring coverage for a flutter of petals underneath. Complimentary combinations of Pink, Rose, Purple, Red and Ivory color create a stunning visual when these flowers bloom. These lovelies thrive in sunshine with partial shade and adequate moisture. With a little extra tender-loving-care of pruning, the fullness in the growth provide a vibrancy of color to any garden!

Fine Art Jewelry Exclusive Floral Design Pieces
Spring is in Bloom. Fuchsia Flower Tourmaline & Diamond Earrings Jewelry Designer Sasha Bravo

Blush Pink Nigerian Tourmaline Briolettes (2.4cttw) & Natural Diamonds set in 14KY Gold were inspired by the beautiful silhouette of the Fuchsia flower.

These 'Lady Earrings' were selected for 1st Place in the Cast Division for the Annual Gem & Mineral Fair Exhibit In Del Mar, California (2015)

Rubellite Tourmaline

The name 'Rubellite' is used to describe the Pinkish-Red variety of the Tourmaline Group.

As part of the trigonal crystal group, Tourmaline (pictured left -center) shows a distinct three-sided-prism with striations along the crystal face.

Tourmaline is mined throughout many locations around the world including one of the major producers, Brazil, Nigeria, Mozambique and Zimbabwe in Africa, Afghanistan, and the states of Maine & California in the United States.

The #marchisme and #livebeautifully are part of the initiative by the Women's Jewelry Association to bring awareness & support for women in the Jewelry Industry as well as self- empowerment through the wearing and creation of personal Jewelry.

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