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"Somewhere between a smooth Malbec or a freshly cut Pomegranate- the deep hues in this Almandine Garnet, paint the town Red"

Rectangular Cushion Cut Almandine Garnet 10.8ct

.25cttw Natural Diamonds 


Our Custom Mens band set in warm 18K Gold, VS1/D (.53cttw), a Lions Head under Gallery

& an elegant hand hammer finish.


The Asscher shape Diamonds are also referred to as a Square Emerald Step-Cut.

A deeper pavillion, high crown & tapered corners give this beautiful cut a classic, elegant and timeless appeal. 

What are some of the most important charecteristics we look at when considering an Asscher cut Diamond? Clarity VS (very slightly included) or higher clarity grade. Similar to the Emerald cut, the table & the crown Step-Cut facets on this shape are less forgiving to hiding inclusions. Cut (VG-EX) Very good to Excellent for Polish & Symmetry A Length to Width ratio of preferably 1- 1.02 Color (G-H) or higher

Custom Jewelry for Men

Gemstone selection for Mens Custom Jewelry
Rectangular Gemstone_edited.png

If you are already a collector of some lustrous gems or diamonds,

Let us bring your vision for a Custom piece of Jewelry that you can comfortably enjoy wearing.  


We do offer GIA certified Diamonds as well as source color gemstones through our trusted partners. 


Contact Us for a Design Consultation.

 Let us help you find the perfect stone for your next piece.


Shall we get started?

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