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                                              Caring for your Jewelry 

Purchasing a precious piece of Jewelry is an investment, and like a piece of Art, properly storing it and maintenance cleaning will extend the enjoyment of wear and life of your piece! 

The easiest way to clean your jewelry pieces at home is with a gentle lather of  mild soap, warm water, and a soft tooth brush. Buttery body lotion for example (I'm soooo guilty of this !!!) absolutely loves to glide on skin and jewelry. So a routine rinse is enough to keep your pieces clean. Rings especially, accumulate quite a bit from normal everyday wear on the finger.


You can also purchase a jewelers' cleaning cloth, the light polishing compound on the cloth will bring out the shine and luster in the metal, diamonds and gemstones. 

We usually recommend bringing your jewelry to a Jeweler to check the prongs and settings of the piece every six months. Complimentary cleaning is usually available using an ultra sonic machine. 


The general rule with not using an ultra sonic machine for cleaning is with softer or treated stones. Bleach, rubbing alcohol and acetone, which are commonly used chemicals around the house, are not friendly to use on porous stones such as varietals of Opals, Turquoise and Coral. 

Fine Art Jewelry Sasha Bravo
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