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     Birthstone: May 

         Mineral : Beryl 

             Hardness: 7.5-8

          Refractive Index: 1.577-1.583

   Colors: Bluish Green to Green 

         Reminiscent of a Tropical Rainforest,

         I'm often recognized for my lush color.

  A mineral rich growth environment plus traces of vanadium & chromium produce my green color as well as often visible inclusions ; a natural part of my growth.

            * Its pretty rare to find me clean

           and oil treatment is often necessary 

          for the maintenance of my beauty! 


             One of the  most important value  

          factors is the saturation of my color.
              Columbia & the country of Zambia                               are locations for my natural growth.



I require a little extra TLC (tender-loving-care) if Im going to be worn in a piece of Jewelry,         especially when it comes to cleaning! 

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