Our approach to designing a Custom Jewelry Art piece begins with intuitive inspiration and a stylized approach, by blending the unique symbolism of Gems, Precious metals and beautiful memories to create a wearable piece of Art.


            Frequently Asked Questions

I have stones that I would like added to my design or I have stones from existing pieces.

Can you work with my stones? 

In most cases, yes, we can work with your stones. Some our most treasured pieces we choose to carry are stones that are family heirlooms, gems we picked up along the way on a trip abroad, or diamonds and gems that were in a prior jewelry piece and are ready for a new setting!


Before committing to setting the Diamond or Gemstone, we would need to take the gem under a microscope and do a quality inspection for any potential difficulties for resetting. For example, some stones are softer than others (opals); other stones have higher hardness (diamonds) but can sometimes show an inclusion towards the surface that would need certain considerations for resetting.


We can go over all of these options during the design consultation! 

How long does the Custom Design Process take?


Our One-of-a-kind Custom Design pieces require more time for design concept, sketching & approval of photorealistic image renderings, and revisions if necessary, before we begin to hand finish your piece of jewelry. This process generally takes between 4-6 weeks to create.

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